NE Gov Pete Ricketts Promises To Execute Designer Of New State Plates

In response to the social media backlash against the hideous and unimaginative new license plates for the state of Nebraska, Gov. Pete “Daddy Warbucks” Ricketts has promised to execute the designer responsible.


Pete Ricketts could not be less interested in what you have to say.

“I hired this person through a careful vetting process,” said Ricketts from atop the State Capital Building, “and had oversight through every step of the design phase, including final approval.  In the end, however, I cannot execute myself; that’s just silly. Therefore, I promise to my fellow outraged Nebraskans, this individual will be brought to justice and filled with illegally imported execution drugs, killing him in the most humane way possible, which is far too good for him.”


The license plate heard round the social media.

The state has since halted production of the new plates as a newer, much better, and slightly less stupid design is being approved to replace the existing one, but Ricketts stands by his pledge to the people of Nebraska


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