Where Do the Turtles Go From here?

A week after it opened, 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was deemed a success and given a sequel, which opened last week, taking the top of the weekend’s box office. Having recovered from the previous movie’s many shortcomings, we can’t help but wonder, What’s next for the Turtles? With their gallery of rogues quickly expanding and a deep backlog of baddies from years of comics and cartoons, there’s no shortage of storylines to explore.


*SPOILERS AHEAD!  Proceed with CAUTION!!!*

Karai and Hun
With shredder frozen in the technodrome and trapped in Dimension X, the chain of command leaves Karai in charge of the foot clan. Perhaps we bring it back to earth and let Karai and her Foot face off against Hun and his Purple Dragons in a bloody turf war that the Turtles have to diffuse.


I had the same thought about Karai coming to the forefront when I saw what happened to Shredder.  Hunn I did not think about, but would love to see.  He has made lots of appearances in animated ventures and comics but has not been brought to life in a live action medium.  I would LOVE to see that happen, as Hunn is a badass, menacing character.  Casey’s inclusion in the latest Paramount offering only increases his chances as in the latest comic run, Hunn is Casey’s dad.  – JR


Shredder and Krang and General Tragg

After Krang betrays Shredder and freezes him, the Technodrome is sucked back into Dimension X as Krang swears revenge. It’s possible Krang decides to defrost a no doubt wary Shredder and proposes a truce in order to return to earth, this time with a massive army of Stone Warriors led by General Tragg.


After ‘saving New York single handed’ Vern received the nickname ‘the Falcon’.  This makes me wonder if this may be a foreshadowing to him becoming Koya, a mutant falcon in the latest ongoing comic, or a similar character in a future film.  Most likely not… but you  never know.  – JR


Baxter Stockman

Any fan of the 87 or 2012 series knows that Baxter Stockman is supposed to turn into a fly!  I have yet to see it happen in a comic, and I much prefer the mad genius Stockman to the obnoxious, lowly fly Stockman, but the newest Paramount series seems to follow the 87 series characters the closest. And I doubt they would be ending Stockman’s run with such a small role in the story, there’s got to be more of him in the next film.  Either as a fly, or perhaps bringing in his M.O.U.S.E.R.S. He has also had ties to the Utroms & Krang in stories of other mediums. – JR


Metalhead/Donatello Dies

Metalhead is a recurring character who has his roots in the 87 cartoon as a robot Krang sent to destroy the Turtles. Instead, the Turtles capture him and reprogram him to fight with them. These days, Metalhead is an invention of Donnie’s who has become a member of the team, but in the ongoing comic series, that role is increased when Bebop and Rocksteady beat Donnie nearly to death and crack his shell with a sledgehammer. With Donnie dead or in a coma, Metalhead takes a spot as the fourth member of the team, temporarily filling in for his creator.
Having now introduced Bebop and Rocksteady, this would be a compelling way to use the characters that keeps with the source materials.

What would you like to see with a third TMNT movie? Sound off in the comments. Or quit griping about our picks and start your own blog!


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