Top Ten New Names for a Brexited UK

f29e83c0-1ba4-11e6-afe8-af49ac0e29d1_1ecc3b12aea8e69c95ddf7d3da87b776In the wake of successfully kicking themselves in their own testicles by voting in favor of Brexit, the UK is faced with huge changes.  Already Scotland, which voted in large numbers to Remain in the EU is preparing for another independence referendum.  Northern Ireland likewise voted to Remain and one can hope they may do the same, leaving Wales and England behind.  That gives them the opportunity to rebrand!  So, what name should they pick?  Here are our top tens!

  1. Wangland
  2. The Confederate States of Europe
  3. Splitserland
  4. California
  5. Southern Scotland
  6. Little Canada
  7. New Alabama
  8. The Nation Formerly Known as the United Kingdom
  9. The Shire
  10. Quitacia



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